We are located in Utah but support the entire USA via remote connection!

We can provide our services in several ways:

  • Coming to your location and resolving your technology needs at your premise
  • Remotely connecting to your computer to resolve urgent issues or train users
  • Pick up your computer, perform services and return the PC to your premise
  • Support you by providing direction and assistance to the extent YOU need.  

We love technology. We want it to serve your needs and provide value to you. We will facilitate that mission on your behalf. For more details on what we can do for you, just give us a call today at 801-209-1099 or e-mail techie @ techieatlarge.com

We are a small company located at 6151 S 570 E in Murray, Utah. We have over 20 years of experience in the technology world. Wayne has education in Accounting and Computer Information Systems as well as 15 years experience working at with large and small companies in Systems Management Roles. These include GE Capital, Computer Associates, Viewpoint Corporation, as well as other smaller organizations. The depth and breadth of this experience is the mainstay of value that we bring to your organization. Wesley is "A+ Certified" in PC Repair and has completed several college level programming and web design courses.  

We understand the processes, technology, cost and best-practices that exist and can apply that understanding to your needs. We speak human, not just technical jargon. We are sensitive to the constraints, both financial and human resource, that are present in small business. We can provide assistance as needed, where needed and when needed. We love this stuff.

We have a very clear policy relating to our customers: If we accept an assignment and are unable to fix your problem or cannot provide a valid service for your need, you are not billed. We provide solutions to our customers that fit the needs of that customer. If we fix something, we anticipate it will remain fixed. If not, we will fix it again and again at our expense. If we replace a part, we will stand behind that replacement. If we perform a service, we will make sure you are pleased and satisfied.

We will not have an unhappy customer, if it is possible to avoid it. Customer satisfaction is what we are concerned with. We work with honor and integrity for our customers. We anticipate having a fair and reasonable business relationship with all our customers and will do all we can to "stand up and be accountable" for you, our valued customer.