Tired of Cable Internet and the "Price Creepers"

Is there anyone out there who has not watched, with morbid facination, the creeping higher of the costs from Comcast or other cable internet and tv providers?  It is unrelenting.  You need to reclaim your power and take back your world.

We, here at Techie at Large, have assisted several people in their quest and process to regain the reins of their technology world.  People that have watched a $33 per month cost for internet connection slowly creep up to a total  bill of $100 per month or higher, you need to understand that you have options.

Depending on where you live and what you want, there are several options.  In our area in Murray, Utah, there is a fiber option that our municipality has sponsered.  It is called Utopia and it provides access to incredible bandwidth, as much as 100mb upstream and downstream.  What this does is open the door to a multitude of options for service and value.  Example:  Paying the $25/month Utopia hook up fee, you then have access to use a favorite provider on that fiber internet.  Their name is SumoFiber.  Cost for Internet (100 up/100 down) is as low as $45/month.  Phone service (voice over IP) is tossed in with ALL the extras for about $10/month (unlimited long distance through out USA -- Insert visual image of conversation with Aunt Mable in New Hampshire "Hold on Aunt Mable, I have to go and move the laundry along. Just stay on the line and I will be back in 5 minutes").  So blazing fast internet, perfect phone service and you have not broken the $60 barrier for both.  Awesome! 

Now let's up the ante a bit.  Let say that you are reticent to change your internet provider as everyone knows your email address: rocker1234@comcast.net.  You are being held captive by something that should not be.  We here at Techie at Large, can get you a domain name established and host it for you. Cost is $9.95/year to register the domain and $10.00 per year to host for you.  This means that you simply need to identify a domain that you would be pleased to be representitive of you that is available (www.myfamilyname.org , www.familynamecity.com, www.funnynickname.com or any other) and you will have UNLIMITED number of Email addresses in that name.  Never again having to hold back on decisions relating to internet providers due to being held hostage.  This also means you could produce a blog at your domain, a web site, or any other internet related thing that you would like.

All of this is what WE do here at Techie at Large.  We can do this for you, with you or simply follow you as you accomplish this process.  We love this stuff and are here to serve YOU!

Clean that Computer

If we go through our day, working, getting dirty and picking up debris on our clothes and skin, we know that we can simply bathe away the problems and we are clean and ready to go again.  Our computers have a similar experience.  Their use brings debris and issues.  These are generally normal.  Sometimes, like us, they pick up bugs or illness that needs special attention.  We go to the doctor's office.  Your computer needs a visit from Techie at Large.  more info here

Data Backup

The old adage of "You never know what you have until it's gone" has never been more true than when looking at your data on your computer.  If tomorrow, it was all gone, without options, would you be ready?  

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Training via Remote Connection

Nothing better than being able to get answers to your questions, training when you need it, and simple clarity when the road is clouded by jargon and mis-information.  These are the benefits of the Techie at Large Training.  What you need, when you need it, conveniently and customized to you.

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Child's Life Videos

The greatest joy of a parent resides in their child.  This is why we take pictures and videos.  We love to remember, to relive and to cherish each moment.  We offer a custom DVD which is created for you and your child to watch and enjoy. The DVD is a "feature film" of your child.  You provide the appropriate photos, video and your choice of soundtrack audio.  We will put titles, transitions, credits, personal messages and customization to the extent you wish.  Your child will have the grand experience of seeing themself, pointing at the screen and excitedly saying, "That's ME!" 

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