After a period of time, the Windows operating system accumulates significant debris that will hinder the efficient functioning of the system. This debris occurs when the PC is shut down in an unusual way and files are not cleaned up by the operating system. Installing and un-installing programs will leave behind files, folders, registry entries, etc that are also nuisance to the operating system. Any malware, virus, Trojan or worm attacks can also make a once efficient and quick operating system be slow and burdened.

We can provide your PC with that "fresh from the factory" feeling, retaining your data and getting you back to the pleasant experience that you should expect from your computer. We recommend that moderate users who have used the same operating system for more than 2 years consider a Wipe & Reload.  We do the following:

  • We will back up all your data.
  • We clean all the "dust bunnies" out of your case.
  • We will then erase and  clean your hard drive completely of any existing operating system.
  • We install the version of Windows you have license for, or the one you choose for an upgrade.
  • We then bring that newly installed operating system up to date with all service packs and patches.
  • We install virus protection and other programs of your choosing.
  • We restore your data to a folder on the hard drive so that you can access and utilize all your data. This is a prime opportunity to implement an upgraded version of Windows, put a large or new system drive into your computer or have us do a backup of your data to one of several options (DVD disks, External USB hard drive, 2nd Internal hard Drive, etc)
  • We return the computer to your, either plugging in all the wires or just putting it back in your control--your choice.

Cost of this service is generally $125.