We have enjoyed many of the advancements in techology that occur seemingly daily.  One of the greatest of these  is the ability to smoothly, efficiently and without much in the way of preparation, to connect into a remote computer and provide support as if we were sitting at the computer.  We use a java based tool from Citrix.  It is so capable, in a matter of a minute or two, we are able to be looking at your screen, controlling your mouse and keyboard and assisting you with any issue you may have.  

We employ a tool that allows, with the end user’s permission, connection to a remote PC to provide technical support. We can fully control the PC to provide instant resolution of virus and configuration issues. We can install software, configure PC applications, deploy printers, train users and administrators and accomplish tasks in real time, eliminating the need for delay due to travel or scheduling issues. The tool requires an active internet connection and a couple minutes of the end user time to connect. This is as close to instant gratification as PC support can get. To utilize our Remote Support call Wayne at 801-209-1099, then connect to http://www.fastsupport.com

It is not invasive to your home or office.  It is almost "instant gratificaiton" in the technical world.  We can immediately connect, troubleshoot, resolve and leave your computer in a much happier state.  

We use this technology to troubleshoot, repair as well as to train and assist.  If we can help you, please give us a call at 801-268-0878.