We are now offering vouchers
good for hours of Techie Training.

They can be used in any increment and have a 90 day expiration period. You can share or give the vouchers to others. Any type of technical training is available to you with these vouchers. They can be used in increments and for a variety of training. The training will be via remote connection to your computer. You will be able to sit and interact with the keyboard as we connect and also have full use of your computer. This leads to a very much "hands-on" training for you. To purchase the voucher, just give us a call at 801-268-0878.

Lessons have consisted of basic items including using email, internet searches, becoming capable with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, transferring photos from camera to PC, and others. More advanced topics have included assistance in setting up Excel budget spreadsheets, making DVD videos from your pictures, creating presentations in PowerPoint, creating labels using mail merge and your address list. Be creative and brave.

We love to assist you. Scheduling of your lessons is completely custom to your preferences and timing. You will connect to the on-line calendar and select from the available time slots that you want to utilize (Click HERE). We will also get your email and phone number to connect with you. Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with the link to allow connection to your computer along with a phone call. We will walk you through connecting and the lesson begins then.

Pricing for the vouchers is as follows:

30 minutes $30
1 hour $60
2 hours $116
3 hours $168
4 hours $216
5 hours $260
6 hours $300

Unless otherwise requested, your training will be with Wayne Peterson. Wayne is very widely experienced in a vast array of software packages and is able to provide a comfortable and beneficial training experience for you. We will ensure you learn what you would like to know.