Kids love to see themselves in a mirror.  Imagine the fun of having a DVD that your child can insert in the DVD player and it is a movie starring them.  I have seen kids sit and enjoy these movies for hours. It is fun, engaging, teaches self-esteem and promotes family bonding.  The child will re-live experiences through the videos and photos you provide,   

Concepts are endless:  

  • Simple video encompassing first 3 or 4 years of their life 
  • Movie of a loved one reading favorite stories to the child
  • Movies of family trips
  • Themed movies including all the cousins, the friends or the family
  • Anything else you come up with

We take your selection of photos (typically up to 300 or so - depends on length you prefer) along with any film clips that you have and incorporate fun transitions, movie titles, ending rolling credits, a special personal message from loved one and any additional customizations you may want.  We ask for your prefence of music to enjoy as background.   The result is a feature length movie of up to an hour with your child as the star.  Very personal, very custom and very fun.

We offer these DVDs in a package which includes the creation, 3 copies of the DVD (so little hands can enjoy a copy without jeopardizing the original) for a price of $169.  We will certainly discount the price if multiple children have DVDs ordered for them (2 movies for $295, etc).  Tell us what you want to customize, add or take away and we will work through the pricing with you.

Brief Sample Files (about 4 mins)