Would you like your home set up to share a single internet connection with multiple computers?  Need help in sharing a printer that is connected to one computer so you can print from a different computer in your house.  Do you have kids that want to connect from downstairs and print their homework on your office printer upstairs?  Longing to have the ability to sit on the couch with your laptop and still be able to surf the web and check email?  Even sitting on your deck?

All these scenarios are very possible and we would love to put them in place for you.  We can configure your router to control who get on the internet, when they can be on and even where they go when they are on.  We can expand your single internet connection to allow a multitude of computers to share your bandwidth.  We can make all the printers in your location available to all the computers.  Maximum flexibility. 

We can also make your collection of movies or audio stream-able on your network, allowing you to enjoy them anywhere you want to see them.

Give us a call, we will set you up!