Techie at Large is now an Authorized Reseller of the MozyPro Data Backup service for both PCs and Macs.

We are able to provide to you, at a very resonable cost, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your computer data is safe and secure.

Our pricing is as follows:

Initial Setup - If desired, we will connect into your PC, download and configure the backup based on your decisions of specifically what you would like backed up (photos, recipes, family history, medical records, documents, your computer based email, etc). Based on your input and with your oversight, we will identify for the software, all of the folders that will be monitored.  Typical time investment is 15 to 20 minutes and cost is $10 flat fee, one time charge. If you prefer, you can install and configure on your own.   Simply contact us at either or call us at 801-268-0878 and we will get you your MozyPro license numbers and you will be all set up.

Monthly recurring charges:    License for PC: $3.95 per month
                                           License for Server: $6.95 per month
                                           Data backed up: $0.50/1GB data per month (either PC or Server).

Please review the Terms of Service and info about Recurring Credit Card Charges here.

Nothing hidden, no surprises and your data is safe, secure, current, and encrypted at military-grade encryption levels.

The initial backup is a full backup of every file you identify and takes a little while (even a few days). It will not hog your bandwidth even while doing this part of the process. Once the initial upload is accomplished, only the changed or new files will have to go up to the storage servers, so there is no slowing down of your internet bandwidth by the process.

As a second protection, the software also has throttles built into it that monitor use of the computer and bandwidth to keep you functional without hindering your computing. We have client software for both PCs and Macs.

The cost is identical to that on the Mozy website. We process your credit card for the service right here at Techie at Large and each month, based on the space reserved and used by you for backup storage (your quota), your credit card is rebilled for the monthly license fee and the storage space.

Simple, simple, simple yet it brings huge peaceful dividends. Please let us assist you in this important process.